The Heel Shoe FittersZiera - The Heel Shoe Fitters

Ziera has always been, passionate about how their shoes look, fit and feel. So much so, that for more than 70 years, they’ve been getting to know you and your feet better. They’ve made it their mission to find out what you do, what you like, what you wear and how you feel.

Ziera believes the best fit and comfort is created using natural materials –such as leather that moulds to your feet – and designing with adjustability and versatility that add to a personalised fit. Their premium leathers, sourced from around the world endure 13 different laboratory tests to ensure that it’s super soft yet tough enough for every day wear.


Ziera has a wide range of styles with removable footbeds that can be swapped out for custom orthotics. (Only select styles)


Ziera’s underfoot comfort systems are unparalleled with cushioning and arch support that cocoons the whole foot. Made so luxuriously comfortable they can be worn all day, every day.


Ziera’s multi fit systems allow tailored fit for individual needs.