The Heel Shoe FittersXelero - The Heel Shoe Fitters

Xelero provides dynamic and stable forward motion during running or walking and may provide the following benefits:

  •  Reduce forefoot pressure, especially under the big toe and metarsals.
  •  Increase Normal walking pace – while not losing your sense of balance.
  •  Relieves exercise overuse symptoms including Plantar Fasciitis, Arthritis, & Hammer Toe.

The Motion You Want. The Control You Need.

  1. Control Plate: Enhances stability & reduced pressure under the foot.
  2. XPS Propulsion Element: Provides stability, control & promotes forward motion.
  3. Midsole: Gel pads under the forefoot &heel for added shock absorption.

The Xelero Technology provides greater stability and control. This cutting edge system supports natural gait pattern. The Xelero Technology is integrated in the midsole. The flat outsole provides optimal stability, while the propulsion element promotes a laterally stable forward propulsion, without changing your natural gait pattern and without losing your balance.