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Treksta Technology

  • NestFit:
    NestFit’s last has kept the natural curve and angle of the toe box. In contrast to the conventional one, NestFit’s revolutionary last shape allows the upper, insole, midsole, and outsole to mold perfectly to fit your feet, providing a customized fit unlike any other.
  • Hypergrip:
    HypgerGrip’s proprietary rubber compound gives you the best of both. HyperGrip is a global leading brand in a high performance rubber sole for outdoor, work, and recreation.
    With the traction and toughness to conquer any terrain, HyperGrip makes sure you – not your shoes – decided how far is far enough.
  • IST (Independant Suspension Technology)
    The principle is simple. Specially designed I.S.T technology works like a spring. Each lugs move independently, and they move vertically up and down. If one lug stops on a foreign object, it automatically moves up to adapt to the surface.
  • Ice Lock:
    Ice Lock is a patent pending technology the dramatically increases traction on ice and wet surfaces. Micro-glass filaments are electrostatically aligned in the rubber compound creating slip-stopping surface tension.
  • Super Sticky:
    Treksta’s HyperGrip R&D team developed Super Sticky Technology, the special butyl rubber compound that will not leave the mark and still keep extremely good traction on the rocks. Super Sticky soles will help you to go further on your journey without leaving the trace on earth.
  • Gore-Tex:
    The GORE-TEX® membrane is the heart of all GORE-TEX® products. It contains over 9 billion microscopic pores per square inch. These pores are 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet, but 700 times larger than a water vapor molecule, which makes the GORE-TEX membrane completely waterproof from the outside, while allowing perspiration to escape from the inside.
  • Boa:
    The Boa Closure System provides comfort with smooth and even closure in the quickest way. The replaceable steel shoe lace was developed especially for the Boa System and tested with thousands of hours of in the field use.
  • Hands Free:
    Zerotie’s foot activated lacing system allows you to tie your shoes via a hands free process that requires no bending and only uses the weight of your leg to tighten the laces. You slip on your shoe, slide the heel for lace-up; release the lacing by simply stepping on the release buckle.