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To meet him was to never forget him. George “Stormy” Kromer was genuine, and that spirit reached every corner of a company he never planned to start in the first place. He simply wanted a piece of headgear that worked as hard as he did. One cap led to a thousand and then many millions, but a century later we’re still making products as authentically as the first one—from materials to methods. You can’t pretend to be a legend. It’s something you earn from your customers, your commitments, and always carrying through.

After repeatedly losing his cap on the wind-whipped locomotive where he works, George Kromer asks his wife, Ida, to stitch a new-fashioned baseball cap with a higher crown, a pull-down earband to keep it snug, and a soft, cloth visor. Quickly, Stormy’s fellow engineers beg him for their own six-panel caps. Ida’s sewing machine begins to sing.

114 years after Ida’s first stitch, the Jacquart family celebrates its part in the renewal of the Kromer brand, the vitality of Stormy’s ongoing legacy, and a commitment to usher the company into a bright, always authentic future.