The Heel Shoe FittersDromedaris - The Heel Shoe Fitters

On a historic Christmas eve in the year 1651, a compact frigate named Dromedaris left the Zuider Zee and sailed for 3 ½ grueling months, without once touching land, to bring the first European settlers to South Africa.

From there, the ship sailed on to the Dutch East Indies and continued on laden with exotic spices and oriental goods between Europe and the East.

320 years later, Werner Wyrsch, a bally trained shoe technician, began his own adventurous travels from Europe to South Africa, taking with him shoemaking knowledge that would serve as a basis from which he could begin to build experience and continuous success.

His contribution to many well known brands such as Rockport, where he served for many years in an executive position, helped him establish a strong foothold in the international footwear market.

Ana de Pina started her career in the shoe business as a successful shoe buyer with some of the best known companies in South Africa. Her taste for colors and fashion combined with a great sense of merchandising soon gave her the reputation of being an important source of knowledge and inspiration, known and recognized the world over.

Inspired by the Dromedaris, Ana and Werner teamed up in 1992 to create a company that provides technical shoe manufacturing services at the highest possible level of reliability on an international basis.

For 15 years, Dromedaris operated as a sourcing company, proud to have served some of the best know brands, such as Timberland, Tommy Hilfiger, Colombia Sports, L.A. Gear, Brasher, Chaco, Dansko, and many more.

In 2007, Dromedaris decided to launch its own brand.

Making use of their experience, Ana and Werner developed the “3D Technology” which now serves as the basic concept for women’s collections that have a unique level of comfort, combined with the latest in European fashion. They also made it part of their mission statement to use highly ecological materials and manufacturing process in their shoes, and created the “Possibly the “Lowest Carbon Footprint” Shoes on Earth” concept.