The Heel Shoe FittersApex - The Heel Shoe Fitters

In 1946, protection was, and still is, the most important reason to own a pair of shoes. Unfortunately, by the modern, most of us had migrated away from the concept of ‘shoes for protection’ to a style-first mentality. Not that style is unimportant or shallow – at Apex we thrive on style! – but when style supersedes concepts like protection, support, fit, and manufacturing expertise, feet begin to hurt. And worse.

Which brings us back to 1946 and two gentlemen named Paul and Charles Schwartz. The Schwartz brothers founded Apex in the backroom of a Manhattan shoe store where they manufactured leather and stainless-steel arch supports (such supports evolved to become known as ‘foot orthotics’), components for shoe repair as well as certain shoe-related raw materials.