Collier Algonquin


$165.00 $99.95

Color: Brown

Product Description

Sebago represents authentic products and timeless design. Their original, hand-sewn Docksides boat shoe and Classic Beefroll penny loafer haven’t changed since they first crafted them decades ago. Sebago is a celebration of everything New England.where life in, on or around the waters is a geographical unavoidability; where they are nautical in their traditions but deliver a future of performance and ingenuity. Their shoes are about performance–not just the technical kind, but the way a shoe behaves in its right environment, whether it be on boats or city streets. Each classic Sebago design is carefully designed to perform at its best.

Product Features:

  • Leather bottom
  • Round laces
  • Stacked heel
  • Blind-eyelet lacing and split-toe seam

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