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Product Description

The footbeds in the FAT range is for those seeking maximum cushioning in combination with the unique dynamic support Icebug Insoles provides. Icebug Insoles FAT fits most shoes with removable insole. Icebug Insoles FAT  is 5 mm high. The footbed is available in three different variants, Low, Medium and High, to fit various arch heights

  • Dynamic arch support that optimizes the foot’s natural cushioning. Suitable for those with a high arch height.

The Icebug sole corrects the structure of the foot. It often feels awkward at first as muscles and tendons that have been inactive for a long period now start working again. We therefore recommend a gradual habituation, use the sole one or a few hours per day to begin with and gradually increase the use. Once you have familiarized yourself with the Icebug sole you can use it for sporting activities as well as work and leisure.

Additional Information


Men’s 7+/Women’s 8.5+, Men’s 5+/Women’s 6.5+, Men’s 6+/Women’s 7.5+, Men’s 4+/Women’s 5.5+, Men’s 8+/Women’s 9.5+, Men’s 9+/Women’s 10.5+, Men’s 10+/Women’s 11.5+, Men’s 11+/Women’s 12.5+, Men’s 12+, Men’s 13+

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