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Here at The Heel, we believe that orthotics are a crucial part of your foot health. We stock a variety of non-custom orthotics, as well as work with your doctor if a custom orthotic is necessary. Our belief is that an orthotic doesn’t have to be custom to be beneficial.


There are two types of orthotics: 


1. Non-Custom (over the counter)


We believe that most pathologies can be resolved using the correct non-custom orthotic/arch support. People who have a flexible foot type typically do well with non-custom orthotics. Rigid, non-flexible foot types are best suited for a custom orthotic.

The main goal of an orthotic is to properly distribute weight across the foot. This in turn helps manage mechanical deficiencies, and related pathologies of your feet and legs. Orthotics also help keep your ankles, knees, hips and lower back in alignment. Pairing an orthotic with the proper footwear provides the most beneficial results.

Our trained staff has a comprehensive approach to determine the correct orthotic based on the four dimensions of your foot (length, arch length, width and depth), the type of footwear you are currently using, and what specific problem you’re having.


downloadCaution! Not all over the counter orthotics are created equal!


Companies such as Dr. Scholls offer orthotics that are only made of gel and flexible foam. Gel only masks the issue, and does not correct any mechanical deficiencies. This allows your foot to still flatten out, or your ankles to roll in. Think of it like putting a band-aid on a burn, it will cover up the problem, but not fix it. Our goal is to keep the foot in it’s intended position, which will correct the issue from the feet up to the knees, hips and lower back.


2. Custom

Often, custom orthotics are just a cast of a bad foot. When properly done, custom orthotics are created using correct pedorthic modifications, and made with high quality materials, such as cork, Plastizote and foam. Many poorly made orthotics are made with hard plastic, which does not allow for any movement of your foot. We do not currently make custom orthotics in-house, but we can refer you to one of our business partners in the local area.

When improperly made, custom orthotics:

  • don’t properly fit the width of your footufo-orthotics-large
  • lacks a deep heel cup, which controls the hindfoot
  • don’t correct the issue
  • are cast with the person standing up with no pedorthic intervention

When properly made, orthotics:

  • are made of cork, Plastizote and foamdownload (10)
  • often include a metatarsal arch
  • stabilize the foot
  • match the width of your foot
  • are made by properly aligning your foot before casting it



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