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Just like a well-tailored suit, modifications to footwear can make a large difference in the fit of a shoe. Here are some of the modifications we do in store to ensure a perfect fit. Due to the nature of some modifications, we prefer you to bring in a prescription from your doctor, chiropractor or podiatrist, as we cannot make diagnoses.


Posting (Wedging)

_1074316A wedge is a piece of material put under the insole of the shoe (either on the inside or outside), that helps position your foot into a more neutral position. Wedges can also be added to the exterior of the sole, but this is less common.




Scaphoid Pads (Arch Cookie)

w_1_0001741_arch-cookies-ppt_300A permanent internal modification by the addition of support along the longitudinal arch of a shoe. Adds additional arch support when needed.





Sole Lift

d817a83fa6388504f6acb16a9fd0889eA permanent, external modification to the outsole and midsole to add a prescribed amount of height to one or both shoes to compensate for a leg length discrepancy. Most of the time, we peel off the original sole, add the lift, and reattach the original sole. Prescription preferred.




1547777A permanent, external modification to the outsole and midsole to widen the inside (medial) or outside (lateral) part of the shoe. This helps stabilize the shoe by widening the base of the sole, and prevent severe overpronation or supination. Prescription preferred.






buttressA permanent, external modification to either the inside (medial) or outside (lateral) part of the shoe to add stability and strengthen the structure of the shoe. Prescription preferred.


Rocker Sole

b.-Heel-to-Toe-RockerA permanent, external modification to the outsole, which allows the foot to remain in a neutral position and promote a more natural stride. Can be added either to the forefoot, or both the rear foot and forefoot.


Internal Heel Lift

heel-lifts-for-scoliosisA non-permanent, internal modification that adds a prescribed amount of height to one or both shoes to address a minor leg length discrepancy. Used as a pair, heel lifts can help alleviate Achilles tendonitis. Prescription preferred.




Spring Plate

w_1_0001256_carbon-graphite-shoe-plate-flatA graphite plate is a non-permanent modification designed to stiffen the shoe. Usually added with a rocker shoe as to not completely limit mobility. Most commonly used for people with hallux limitus and met head fractures.