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Our Step By Step Approach

Here at The Heel we take a different approach. We take the time to listen to your needs, and teach you about your foot health in the process. Our zero pressure approach and non-commission staff are here to help you make the best decision. Stop in today to experience the difference!  

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  • Tell us about your pain or problem Let our expert staff understand what brings you into the store, and what type of pain you’ve been dealing with. This includes foot, hip, knee and back pain, and specific foot pathologies, such as Morton’s neuroma, bunions and plantar fasciitis. We will also ask what type of footwear you are looking for. 1
  • Evaluate/ Educate Once we understand your concerns, we measure both of your feet, explaining our observations. Measuring your feet allows us to make the best footwear recommendations based on the four dimensions of your foot - length, arch length, width and depth. 2
  • Explore your options We will show you a comprehensive plan to get you on the healthiest path to success and healing. Once we know what type of shoe you are looking for, we will present you with multiple options that we believe would work best for you. 3
  • Make your decision Because we are not based on commission, you won’t feel pressured to buy anything you don’t want or need. Most of the time, you’ll have a great idea of the next pair you’d like to purchase. Whether it’s a pair of orthotics or a whole new shoe wardrobe, we want it to be your decision. 4