Moving Update (with photos!)

We are very excited to share some photos with you on the progress being made at our new location! Click here for our previous post.

newstore1  The new lighting looks amazing at night. All of the glass seen here will be replaced before the new year.








newstore2 A view from the mezzanine to the sales floor below. The mezzanine will be our stock room/office area.








newstore3 The gorgeous ceiling reminds us of our downtown location. We will be adding new lighting and four large fans.








newstore4 A view from the wall of windows towards the mezzanine.





newstore5 The front entrance. The registers will be on the left of the photo.





newstore7 Look at all the natural light coming in from outside!





newstore8  We covered the entrance with a corrugated metal siding, which adds a neat feel to the exterior. The pylons are the foundation of a wood and stone pergola that will be added. Also note the new parking lot!

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