We’re Moving!

Over the past few years, we’ve experienced some growing pains. We began to run out of space for our inventory, and our small sales floor is hard to accommodate our ever-growing business. If you’ve ever visited us on a Saturday, you know what we are talking about! We have 14 employees on staff, and we are getting quite used to stumbling over each other. Our customers also lamented that parking is becoming a hassle, with many of our customers making a special trip downtown just to visit us. With all of these pains, we took a lot of time to consider a new location. Listening to many of our customers’ viewpoints and opinions, we decided to purchase a property in Ashwaubenon.

Our new location will be much more accessible for our customers to find, park (for free), and enter our store. Keeping with some traditions, our sales floor will have 16′ pews for seating, and boast a gorgeous natural wood ceiling. Some exciting new features include a relaxing lounge corner, a dedicated running shoe section, and beautiful new shelving for our quality product. We will be able to not only expand our huge selection, but be able to merchandise it much easier for your convenience. We will also be able to bring in some of your favorite brands that we don’t have already!

With over 12,000 pairs of shoes and 14 employees, we are ready to take the next step to better serve our loyal customers!

Our new home will be located at 930 Waube Lane. Our move will happen in January 2017.

We’re resurfacing the parking lot, updating all of the glass, and adding a pergola to the front entrance.

Here is a recent rendering of what the new space will look like:

img_0612 Here is a sneak peak of the empty interior – look at all that space!


Stay tuned for more details! We will post updates here on our blog, and on our Facebook page.

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